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Pakistan: Army must release arrested tribal child and women from concentration camps, Taliban

Professor Ibrahim, member Taliban negotiating committee,  says that the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistanís (TTP) list of 300 women and children prisoner, arrested and kept by Pakistani army,  has been handed over to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

Taliban says they have evidences of arrest of child and women as well as old men from tribal areas  by Pakistani army and keeping them in Nazi style concentration camps.

Taliban says, release of these innocent child and women and old men is must for peace talks. Taliban says that we are not demanding release of  our group members but "innocent, civilian child and women of our land, which army arrested to punish them and force Taliban to leave the areas".

In a hasty move, Pakistan's defense minister said that govt have no child and women in their custody.

In response to defense minister's claim, the Pakistani Taliban's spokesman said that " govt have no control over its forces and they even don't know the number and locations of concentration camps being run by Pakistani army and how they know the child and women being kept in those concentration camps?. He further said we will provide all evidence which will include the time of arrest and camps where Pakistani army being keeping them."

Arrest of civilian child and women by Pakistani army and their illegal detention in camps which are resemble to Nazi's concentration camps, backfires as the relatives of such arrested child and women are adopting suicide attack ways to revenge as it is attack on their honour by Pakistan army and Pashtuns never compromise on their honour.

The calm by Taliban and storm by Pakistani government in media against Taliban, casting dreadful shadows of future. its seems that if army refused to release Muslim child and women from their military jails, a wave of destruction will be seen every where in Pakistan and this will be start of final war between Jihadi forces from tribal areas and Pro American Pakistani army.

Published on 17h March, 2014

Ukraine: Crimea's Parliament declares independence from Ukraine:

It follows Sunday's controversial referendum which officials say overwhelmingly backed leaving Ukraine.

The government in Kiev has said it will not recognize the results. The U.S. And EU say the vote was illegal and have vowed to impose sanctions on Moscow.

The vote was boycotted by many among Crimea's minority Ukrainians and Tatars - who constitute about a third of the population - and the election process has been widely criticized.

According to the vote in Crimea's parliament, Ukrainian laws now no longer apply in the region, and all Ukrainian state property belongs to an independent Crimea.

Crimea's Pro-Russia leader Sergei Aksyonov tweeted that in the wake of the vote, Moscow had given Crimea financial assistance of 15 billion Roules equal to 410 million U.S. Dollars, which he said doubled the region's budget.

He said he was Travelling immediately to Moscow to discuss the next steps. Russia is now expected to fast-track the legislation enabling it to absorb Crimea. President Vladimir Putin is to address both houses of parliament on Tuesday.

Ukraine's interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has called the Crimean vote "a circus performance" backed up by "21,000 Russian troops, who with their guns are trying to prove the legality of the referendum".

Meanwhile, the European Union has agreed to impose travel bans and asset freezes against 21 officials from Russia and Ukraine.

The move follows Sunday's referendum in Crimea, in which officials say 97% of voters backed breaking away from Ukraine and joining Russia.

The so-far unnamed individuals targeted by the sanctions are seen as having played a key role in the referendum, which Kiev, the US and EU deem illegal

Published on 17h March, 2014

Moscow: Russian Putin's told Obama that referendum in Crimea was legal:

Putin also told the US President that any organization for security and cooperation in Europe monitoring mission in Ukraine should cover "all Ukrainian regions" and not just Crimea.

The two leaders also agreed that despite the differences, it is necessary to jointly search for ways of stabilizing the situation in Ukraine.

President Obama told Putin Crimea referendum would 'never' be recognized by United States and its allies.

The US President asked Putin to accept international monitors in border areas.

Published on 17th March, 2014

Missing Mystery: 25 countries making failed search operation of MH370 flight:

Malaysian officials said the search area from central Asia to the southern Indian Ocean takes in large tracts of land and sea.

Malaysia's acting transport minister says, an already complex search operation has become even more difficult.

Crew, passengers and ground staff are being investigated after it was confirmed the jet was commandeered.

Nvestigators are trying to obtain more radar and satellite data from any of the countries that Malaysia airlines flight mh370 may have passed over.

The leaders of several Asian countries have been briefed by the Malaysia government.

Acting Malaysian transport minister said from focusing mainly on shallow seas, we are now looking at large tracts of land, crossing 11 countries, as well as deep and remote oceans.

China's patrol vessel Haixun 31, which has been searching for the missing flight in the gulf of Thailand for nearly four days, started to head to the strait of Malacca to assist five Chinese merchant ships, which have already been mobilized to search in designated waters in the region.

Chinese search forces, including eight vessels and five helicopters, had searched a total of 63,187 square kilometers of waters after 120 hours of search.

Published on 17th March, 2014


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