Middle East: The Islamic State Came into Existence, Nightmare for Anti-Islamic Countries and Rulers turns to reality: Large scale wars ahead!

Middle East: Despite all efforts of Gulf countries along anti-Islamic NATO and USA to stop the creation of Islamic state in Middle East, Islamic state of Iraq and Sham (ISIS)  announced the creation of first  independent Islamic state (caliphate)  in middle East after disappearance of last Islamic state, The Ottoman Empire which disappeared in 1923.

Common Muslims from every corner of world celebrating the creation of Islamic state in Middle East.

The official name of new Caliphate is " The Islamic State". Islamic State of Iraq and Sham is now replaced with "The Islamic State". The head of this state is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Creation of Islamic caliphate is announced on First day of Ramadan, the Fasting month in Islam as other religions also have.

The new Islamic Caliphate consists of areas of Iraq to Syria which are captured by Islamic Jihadi Group known as ISIS or ISIL.

From Saudi Arabia to Iran, Russia to USA, all united against the jihadi group and tried hard to defeat and stop the announcement of "The Islamic State" but the announcement of creation of islamic state, created fear among all Arab Dictators and Anti Islamic Non-Muslim countries. The the scenes are bloody fights between the newly announced Islamic State and the rest anti-Islamic Nation.

Let see who is the winner.

Published on 30th June, 2014

Medical Corner: Fasting may ward off diabetes

Islam is the last and final version of all religions and have solution for every human problem, from health to economic problems, final and last version of all Religious books, The Holy Quran is available in every part of world to give us solution of of every human problem.  Fast is compulsory religious worship for adults in Islam and Researchers say fasting is most impactful for reducing the risk of diabetes. Researchers have identified that periodic fasting could reduce cholesterol levels in people with the amount of glucose higher than normal. Prediabetes means the amount of glucose in the blood is higher than normal but not high enough to be called diabetes.

Scientists at the Intermountain Heart Institute in Murray, US found a biological process in the body that is able to convert bad cholesterol in fat cells to energy.  Researchers monitored the participants who were Prediabetes, including men and women between the ages of 30 and 69 with a least three metabolic risk factors.

The study shows that after 10 to 12 hours of time fasting, the body starts seeking to get energy from other sources to sustain itself. In seeking process the body pulls LDL (bad) cholesterol from the fat cells and uses it as energy.

Published on 30th June, 2014

Ukraine: Ukraine govt extends ceasefire with separatists

Kiev:  In Ukraine, the government has extended a ceasefire with pro-Russian separatists in the east until Monday. The announcement was made by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko after meeting with top security and defence officials in Kiev.  He said he was hoping for progress on his peace plan.

The deadline for weak-long ceasefire was to expire on Friday.  Some rebel leaders in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions said they would observe the truce, but others

Published on 29th June, 2014

IRAQ: Russian entered Iraqi battle fields, provide TEN Su-24 jets to Iraq today

Baghdad: Russia also entered Iraqi war and delivered 10 fighter jets with weapons to Shia's Iraqi govt today. Iraqi Shia govt. already got Russian helicopters MI-35 and MI-28 and using against Jihadi figter group ISIS in Iraq. This Jihadi group arisen after Iraqi and Irani shia's governments jointly brutal behave with Muslims in Iraq, after USA and NATO escaped from the Iraqi battle ground few years back.

Iraqi security sources says that these fighter jets will conduct air strikes to next 24 hours.

Turkey along Israel as well as Iranian air forces along ground forces are already fighting with Islamic State of iraq and Shama (ISIS) and working hard to stop their storming advances in Iraq.

ISIS already conquered large areas in Syria and now conquering areas of Iraq from Shia forces and every neighbouring nation is trying hard to prevent Islamic movement ISIS from getting power and imposing law of equality (Islamic law which is totally cost free and deals with every one on equality basis) in Iraq.

Published on 28th June, 2014

Afghanistan: Taliban killed 200 soldiers, captured 26 military posts, destroyed 20 Tanks

Kabul: Afghan jihadi forces taliban have killed more than 200 US, NATO and Afghan soldiers during last five days continue fighting in Helmand province and bodies of killed soldiers still lying in battle fields. Jihadi Elements also published report on their website that more than 20 tanks of USA and Afghan army also have destroyed. More than 26 military post also have captured by Taliban soldiers.

Seven Taliban also died during current fighting as well as 11 civilians, which Taliban says was killed due to NATO forces attacks on civilians. It is common that US and NATO killed civilians without any reason in Afghanistan.

Taliban also destroyed  2 military bases of NATO using tunnel suicide techniques during this on going military operation Khybar by Taliban in Afghanistan.

On the other side, NATO and USA army in Afghanistan said that more then 100 taliban have been killed during last 3 days.

Analysis: Taliban are battling last war with escaping NATO and USA forces in Afghanistan by launching most sophisticated and deadly military operation naming it "Khyber"  and giving tough time to world super powers. To rescue USA and NATO armies in Afghanistan from on going operation of Taliban "Khyber", Pakistan army started war in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) in Pakistani tribal areas against  Pakistani Taliban which is being considered suicide by pro-American Pakistani army by military experts. After Pakistani army's NWA's operation, Afghan Taliban started high level attacks in Afghanistan by sending a strong message to both Pakistani and NATO forces.

Published on 27th June, 2014

Pakistan: 327 Taliban killed during operation against Pakistani Tabliban Chapter

Islamabad: Pakistani army announced on 26th June that more than 327 Taliban have been killed and 10 soldiers also died in operation in Pakistani tribal hot bed North Waziristan Agency. Army also said that 20 Taliban also surrendered to forces.

This operation resulted flood of refugees in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan and painful stories of deaths of refugees from North Waziristan Agency, who were forced to abandon there houses, business and travel on foot for hundreds of  kilometers without any support from govt or army.

Pakistani Taliban are keeping storm coming silence over attack on there command center and army fear that they will retaliate in cities of Pakistan. Pakistani army rules in airs by bombing and Taliban controlling the land and taliban also issued pictures of govt forces dead bodies lying on roads, which Taliban claim left by escaping govt forces from areas.

Analysis: Pakistani army, which is front of American army against war on terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan along entire Islamic countries, launched a long pre-planned, well coordinated and high level  operation, to break the back bone of Afghan jihadi force Taliban, in Pakistani tribal area North Waziristan Agency (NWA). NATO, USA as well as Pakistani army consider that power of Afghan Taliban is in North Wazitristan Agency and destruction of Taliban in there, will rescue the USA and NATO in Afghanistan.

Published on 27th June, 2014

Pakistani General visited the newly set up premier helicopter overhauling facility:

Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif visited the newly set up premier helicopter overhauling facility at Aviation Base Workshop today and witnessed the first batch of overhauled helicopters.

Addressing on the occasion, Chief of Army staff, congratulated engineers and technicians of Aviation Base Workshop for having developed the first ever inland helicopter overhauling capability in collaboration with Saint Petersburg Aviation Repair Company (SPARC).He specially appreciated the team for cost effectiveness and time reduction achieved  due to our own  overhauling facility.

Chief of Army Staff emphasized on enhanced self reliance and continuous skill development to meet the growing challenges of maintaining high operational readiness of Army Aviation. The ceremony was attended by a large number of serving and retired military officers.

Published on 27th June, 2014

Iraq: Syria, Iran  and entire world Join Fight Against Single Jihadi Force:

A storm like appearance and military success of Jihadi force ISIS/ISIL in very short period created pain in every corner in middle east as well as world who do not like  Islamic system of justice, a system of justice which which is cheap, effective and equal for both Muslim and Non-Muslims. yes it is true that we all hate true justice system, either we are so called Muslim are we are enemies of Islam as narrated in Islamic holy book The Quran. Islamic State of Iraq and Sham appeared few days ago, conquered the large areas of Iraq, capturing hundreds tanks, military vehicles and defeat one million strong shia army in Iraq.

Now Turkey, Israel,  and USA along Iran are fighting with single group of few thousands Jihadi fighters. Iran sent thousands its commandoes along all kind weapons to defeat the ISIL.

USA also conducting air raids on the Jihadi forces but they are advancing without any trouble and capturing more and more areas day and night.

Saudi also preparing to fight with Islamist in Iraq and this seems Armageddon is going to start in middle east soon and the entire region in going to bath in blood soon.

The success of Jihadi in Iraq should be attributed to Shias who crimes against Muslims created and powered the ISIL, which is now engulfing the entire region. Shia's of Iraq committ every crime against Muslim women, child and eldery from rape to brutal killing, which caused need of Jihad and now this is all.

History now traveling back, Islamic fighters beheaded the Judge who " punished the Late Iraqi President Saddam Hussain hang till death' on 16th June 2014, after kidnapping him from high security zone in Baghdad.

We are now seeing a new chapter of revenge and change in region which eventually bring down the Saudi regime soon or later. A positive step is needed to uproot cause of blood in Middle East, which we seen is rare to take by fat mind having rulers of corrupt life style.

Published on 27th June, 2014

US, Germany Advance in World Cup

In World Cup football action in Brazil Thursday, the United States and Germany advanced to the second round.

Germany beat the U.S. team 1-0 in Recife, while Portugal beat Ghana 2-1 in Brasilia in Group G. The U.S. and Portugal both finished with four points, but the U.S.won the tiebreaker with a goal difference of three better than Portugal in the three group matches

Germany finished first in the group with seven points. Ghana was fourth with one point.

Torrential rains in Recife, Brazil, caused problems for spectators trying to get U.S.-Germany match.

Ahead of the other Group G game, Ghana's football association approved the coach's decision to suspend two players from the team. Kevin-Prince Boateng was suspended indefinitely for insulting his coach. Sulley Muntari was also suspended indefinitely, but was ineligible for Thursday's game anyway after earning two yellow cards.

Earlier, football's governing body, FIFA, banned Uruguayan player Luis Suarez for nine international matches and four months for biting an Italian player during Tuesday's World Cup match.  He was also fined $112,000 for the incident.

Television replays show Suarez biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini in the shoulder. Officials have suspended Suarez twice before in club play for biting opposing players.

Published on 27th June, 2014


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